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 "My camera; for creating images that are reflections of My Soul's Vision.
The pen I write with; to give My Soul a Voice.
They are the core of My Being."

Jack Brady
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IMAGE GALLERIES - All Images are calibrated to a computer monitor Gamma of 2.2
Please adjust your monitor's brightness so you can see distinct differences in each of the above 10 squares.

Poetry and Writings by Jack Brady
All of my poems with the exception of Ashes have been move
to the new website for my recently published book of
my poetry and mated photos.

Whether Black, Brown, Yellow, White, or anything in between,
Wearing a Bursa, the Robe of a Pope, the Rags of a beggar,
Whether you walk the Rainbow, or the Straight Path,
Whether whole in body, mind or Spirit, or not,
Whether Kind or Cruel, happy or sad,
Whether Loved or Loveless,
Whether Female or Male,
Whether Rich or Poor,
All Ashes look the same.
All Ashes look the same!
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