Artist Statement

Jack Brady

Shadows Dancing

Chapel Hill, NC this February 1, 2018

Visuals that have manifested before me, Shared:

Many of us find peace and serenity when we are immersed in the beauty of Nature.  Whether alone in the deep forest, lying on the sand staring up at the ever changing clouds before you, or perched on a rock beside a cascade of water falling from high above, Nature is Alive!

To present before you scenes from Nature that elicited an emotion at the moment in time before me is my mission, and the camera is my tool of choice.

Fortunate to have traveled the World, always with my camera at my side, has been one of the gifts in my life. Whether on a business trip, or a true adventure with no agenda other than to immerse myself in the beauty of a given topography, the camera is how I try to convey what I felt, and to hopefully elicit a like feeling within you.

As you may notice, I am particularly drawn to Clouds, the Sea and Shadows. 

The rays cast by the sun through the clouds at sea after a storm or in a remote wilderness location are just one of the beauties of Nature I feel we all can sense and appreciate. The flow of water across the earth, as a creek in the forest or the falls from on high, here you can sense not only the interplay of light in the scene but possibly hear the sound of the water as it trickles or falls before you.

Yet there are times where just a shadow cast upon a wall in a room gives a sense of peace to each of us, if we just stop for a moment and choose to live in the beauty of that instant.

Such is the inspiration to share just a little of what I have seen with each of you. I hope my efforts solicit a hunger within your self to Explore is manifested.

Words, Moments in Life shared:

This part of is quite different. I have chosen to share writings, and frankly in some cases “rantings”, about the memorable experiences in one Souls Life Journey, myself.

As I say at the beginning of the page titled “Poetry”, of some of my writings I hope you have experienced the same emotion that generated the need to write of it, and of others I sincerely pray you have never felt and have no idea what I am writing about.

Yes, an enigma that will only be revealed by your reading. Many I hope will bring some joy, a few may bring a tear, others bewilderment.

What you feel will be dependent upon what you have felt, and whether my attempt to express a feeling that others have also sensed was worth the energy to bring the emotion with to works of words.

Of all that I have been able to bring from within myself and express for all to see, there is one that I feel must be felt and lived by all of us in order to understand the Human Experience, “Ashes”©.   You’ll find it at the top of the Poetry page.

In closing, thank you for what time you spend here with me and my works. I welcome your thoughts, comments and prayers.

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