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"To See, To Sense, To Feel, To Know We are Alive!"
Shadows Dancing
Poems & Personal Writings of Jack Brady
"That which is Given, can never be Stolen" 
“You may not be here tomorrow, but your Dreams can be through another.
Share your Dreams.” 
As you read my writings, all have been written at different times over the last 30 years. 
The copyright date is just the date I decided to share publicly.
Of some, I hope you have felt the same at one time during your Life.
Of others, I pray you have not, and do not understand!
(NOTE:  At this time, all of my poems below are accompanied by a recording of my reading
the respective poem.  If you click on the "arrow" found on the left side of the box in the center
below the poem, you can start and stop the reading.)

© Jack Brady, All Rights Reserved, 2006 - 2020

November 2, 2020

"Seeking, To Be Found." ©

I have spent the last 3 months re-writing and compiling many of the  collection of nearly 70 poems that I have posted to this section of what was originally only a photography site.

Just a few days ago, I sent my poetry and photography manuscript to the printer for the initial printing of my book in full color and hard cover book.

My hope is the book will be available for purchase shortly before Thanksgiving Day.

The book will be available directly from myself as well as from the fine art galleries of Clyde Butcher in Florida.

I plan to sign the initial 100 copies of my book.

As a result of the book being published, I have reduced the number of poems now displayed on this photography site  dramatically.

I am currently constructing my new site for the book at this location the web:



Whether Black, Brown, Yellow, White, or anything in between,
Wearing a Burkha, the Robe of a Pope, the Rags of a beggar,
Whether you walk the Rainbow, or the Straight Path,
Whether whole in body, mind or Spirit, or not,
Whether Kind or Cruel, happy or sad,
Whether Loved or Loveless,
Whether Female or Male,
Whether Rich or Poor,

All Ashes look the same.

All Ashes look the same!

© Jack Brady, 2017, All Rights Reserved



© Jack Brady, 2016, All Rights Reserved

Mask, N-95

Just a simple task,
That I ask
you to do
So I may last
Just another
Day with you.

Yes, I’m Gray,
But I want to Play
For just another Day.

Stay away,
Wear a mask
Is what I do
Just for you!

 Can you not
Just comply

May I have
Another view
Of the sunset
And the dew
Along with you?

It’s up to you,
And what you do!

Just a simple task,
That I ask.

© Jack Brady, 2020, All Rights Reserved

To Know

To Know You See Me, yet Your Eyes are closed.
To Know You Hear Me, yet My Lips do not move.
To Know You Feel Me, yet We do not Touch.
To Know the Taste of Your Kiss, yet our Lips do not meet.
To  Bring You Pleasure, though I am not before you.

That is what I Seek,
That is what I Offer,
As I find No other Reason to Seek.

Through Your Pleasure and Happiness,
Mine will be Found.

© Jack Brady, 2017, All Rights Reserved

My Soul touchs You, without arms.
It feels You, without flesh,
It sees You, without eyes,
It weeps, without tears,
It has no voice, yet it speaks to you,
Nothing is said, yet it knows Your thoughts.

Why can’t You feel?
Why can’t You see?
Why can’t You hear?

Why don’t I know?

© Jack Brady, 2009, All Rights Reserved.

They know not of before the Womb.
They know not of after the Last Breath.
Yet they have all the Answers of how I should live My Life?
I walk through the crowds Unseen, Untouched, Unknown.
I wander amongst Them, yet will never be one with Them, or They one with Me.

© Jack Brady, 2009, All Rights Reserved.


To awake in the early light,
And see beside me,
 Glow within Your Soul.

To Kiss Your Forehead,
And Awaken Thee from slumber,
 into this Mortals Realm.

Where is the Soul,
that makes My Soul,
make Sense?

Not to Those around Us,
but to Her Alone.

In doing so,
will She make my Soul,
make Sense to Me?

© Jack Brady, 2017, All Rights Reserved.

Dance with My Soul
If you do not Know My Way, though I stand in front of you, you will never See Me.

Whisper to me and I will Hear, Hold My Hand, and I will offer My Heart.
Hold My Heart, and I will let Your Soul Dance with Mine.

But Beware, I have been taught by others before You.
Beauty can Mask Deceit.
Tenderness can Mask a Thief.
Sensuality can Mask a Demon.

Warned, yet I could not look away.
Harmed, yet I stayed.
Revealed, yet I rejected the Truth.
Promised, yet never Received.
Loaned, but never Returned.
Believing there will be more, but found empty.

That which I loan to you, must be left should you leave.
That which I give to you, can never be stolen from me.

I am as I write.
As I speak, I filter what I shall later write.
Once Written, take as Essence of My Soul.

Again beware,
I am not what You want me to be.
I am not what You See.
I am not what you think you hear.

I am what I write.
I am what only Your Soul can Dance with.
First, Dance with my Shadow,
Dance with my Soul.

Will You Dance?

© Jack Brady, 2016, All Rights Reserved.

“One to Touch”
Kalamazoo Valley State Mental Institution; Dying Ward. 1966
My Job Description, yes I was an employee, not a patient!:
“To log and record any and all abnormal behavior, witness all deaths.”
My Age:  18 years

Just one of my many experiences there.

I knew nothing of him, or so many others.
Their records were cold, as were the visitor’s chairs beside their beds.

He never said a word.
Blind, He never looked into my eyes, as others sought to do.
He never looked into my Soul, yet felt my presence.
Yet, his Life’s last gesture was to sense and reach for my forearm.

I did not pull away.
I was all there was for him.
The head nurse looked on, silently, still.
As he dug his nails deep into my forearm, I felt his passing.

Many had been felt, but his was different.
I would not pull away for several minutes, though my forearm bled.
It was my honor to be the last he would reach for and touch.

The scars on my forearm are gone, but his memory still haunts me.

Will there be one to touch?

©  Jack Brady, 2016, All Rights Reserved.


What is Fair?

Jimmy, the name given.
Home:  Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital
Ward of the State of Michigan
Insane, hardly, just not wanted.

Meet in 1965,
Working in the Admission Office.
Myself, new employee to be trained.
Trainer:  Jimmy, same age of 18.

Sitting calmly in his chair.
Filing Admission Cards.
I look in Jimmy’s direction and express a kind smile.

Within an instant of my glance, He is launched toward the Heavens.
A velocity I had never seen or suspected capable by the human form.

As terror must have gripped his Soul,
His body twists and knots without his permission.

The Cruelty of Gravity, upon his failure to reach orbit, at the apex of his trajectory, returns Jimmy face first to the concrete floor.

I am in shock,
I grab and placed doubled tongue depressors between his teeth.
I can do nothing of merit but hold him and wait for the demons within him to calm.

Such was jimmy’s Journey that afternoon.
Such was the first day of our meeting.

I had learned the answer to the questions I dare not ask of him upon our first meeting that morning.
Why all of the deep, cruel scars on his face?
Why would he be wearing a football helmet?

I no longer asked within myself those questions.

In the days to come I watched as his kindness and Soul brought happiness to those about him, including myself.

How could I ever feel I was cheated in my Life!
Such was Jimmy’s Gift to me.

May Jimmy be found well today.

©  Jack Brady 2016, All Rights Reserved.


Lives within, yet without.
She is small, yet stout.
Holds My Soul,
Yet lets it be Free.
When will she
Become one with me?

Not to focus.
Look through the fog with your Souls Eye.
She’ll appear.
But never near touch.

To hold the Torch.
Yet see no Light
Is the curse of My Night.

The Gravity of Her.
Forces me to Her Center.
Why do I remember Our Past,
And Not Our Future,
Or Our Present?

The Point,
Is Now.
I wait,
As her Journey
for Me ends,
We will begin as One,
Once again

©  Jack Brady, 2017, All Rights Reserved.


Note on Veela: Some have asked what is Veela, here is definition:



I’m not Lost,
I’m not Broken,
I’m just seeking a Simple Token.

A Token of Speech.
A Token of Sensitivity.
A Token of Compassion.
A Token of Vulnerability.
A Token of Passion.

A Token to Reflect this Poem.
A Token that is a Key,
Showing that you are like Me.

Take My Poems as Your Token,
That my Words will Never be Broken.

Take my Spirit, My Desire to give to One,
All that can be Found in My Tokens, written for but One.

Unlike Gold, my Token has no Mass. 
It is but the Song of the Mocking Bird in Spring,
Hoping to find one who can Sing.

Break the Curse of the Fates, that has kept Me in an Absent Place.
Displace the State of my Fate, that is lacking your Embrace.

Do You See, the Presence of Me, in the Tokens I place before Thee?

As a Pyramid needs a Base, take these Poems, offered as Your first Embrace.

©  2017, Jack Brady, All Rights Reserved.


Alone with You,
In a prison of one,
Left with you, no one.
The cold of Your body and Soul,
My pain of entrapment, took it’s Toll.

Never Felt,
Never Shared,
Never Sensed,
Never Loved. 

Came as the Dream Slayer,
Cloaked in beauty,
Yet possessing none. 

To your trophies,
I was added.

For your pleasure,
I was lost. 

Fear of never finding Self again,
Kept Me chained to my Word.

Once your promise was broken,
The chains binding me to My Word
were gone, and so was I.

Left alone without Myself,
One has to search the Soul of times past.
Breath in Life to that abandoned Mystery,
Kiss the Shadows in which it hid.
Dance to the sound of My Heart,
Now Free, to once again Beat with Passion! 

With a new Edge to My Soul,
I wander again to sense Freedom and seek
a True Love denied. 

Scars have been added, yet have not
destroyed the essence of this Soul
that was hiding because of the darkness of another. 

Wrapped in the warmth of My Cocoon,
Woven from the threads of My hours in the past,
Alone on My Sea and in My Forests. 

I’m renewed and Whole again,
Washed Pure by the salt of My tears.
Never to lose possession of Self
for the wants of Another again.

Nothing you gave, much you stole, yet you took none of Me.

Now saved for one that should have been,
I wait. 

Found Myself within, yet Lonesome without.
Now my Shadow walks again with Me, not without.
I shall continue My journey and will cross “Her” path, hoping She’ll
forgive My absence, and embrace the Present with Me.

© Jack Brady, 2016, All Rights Reserved.



Ms. Liberty

My Ms. Liberty.


Your Country that you watch over,

Why has Thee, Abandoned We?


Have You abandoned We,

Or have We Abandoned Thee?!


The We is no longer One under Thee,

It is now a country of “Me’s”.


Step off of your Island

And rescue the Me’s

That still look to Thee as We!


Can You see,

what I see,

In a Capital before Me and Thee?


 “Civilian Troops,”

Not bending a Knee

Or pledging their allegiance to Thee.

All armed with Weapons,
and not a “mask”

Threatening Me and Thee.

Invading Your House of Government

In the Land of Your Forest and Lakes.

To destroy Thee?

I will NOT let it be!


A Divider,

shallow and weak!

A Tongue that lies,

with arrogance and false pride,

he cannot hide

from the sharp point of Histories pen.

Simply a Con,

That “Tweets” from what used to be High,

But now just makes me sigh.


From “Rock and Roll Tonight”

Heard as “Let’s rumble” by the less bright.


From the lips of the Slayer

Of Your Constitution,

The naysayer,

Sprews forth his hate,

Sealing his fate.

History will recoil

From the record of this soiled mind.

One that will be left behind,

Never to shine!

Will this bring Our Ms. Liberty
down on Her Knees?


Mortals may bend,

But NOT Thee!

She’s always known Us All,
Only as WE!

© Jack Brady, Draft 6-22-2022, Done 7-19-2020, All rights reserved