Shadows Dancing
Fine Art Photography by Jack Brady

New Zealand

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Hobbit Tree

White Rocks on Black Sand

Rock Columns with Flowers

Franz Josef Glacier

Natural Bridge Caverns 1

Natural Bridge Caverns 2

Natural Bridge 2

Milford Sound Island 1

Milford Sound Island 2

Church Organ

Falls Abstract 1

Rock Formations with Trees

Rock Formation in Sea

Driftwood on Beach 1

Future Image

Vista 1, New Zealand

Boulders on Beach

Pool at base of Falls

Island from Cave


Lagoon Hideaway


Small Falls

Bridal Vail Falls

Mariposa Falls


Tree on Hillside


Franz Josef Glacer 2


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IMAGE GALLERIES - All Images are calibrated to a computer monitor Gamma of 2.2
Please adjust your monitor's brightness so you can see distinct differences in each of the above 10 squares.

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