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"About Jack" is
Under Construction, as is Jack.

The few comments that I've taken a moment to share are below.

Basically, I've been obsessed with photography since I was 12, which seems to be a common age to become "infected with photography".

My first career was with The Upjohn Company and that afforded me the opportunity to
travel the world with my Hasselblad 500cm and a Wista 4x5 with Nikkor Lenses and gather my initial set of images.

When I was 34 I started a computer graphics software development company developing on the SGI (Silicon Graphics Inc.) computing platform. This was a blending of photography and computer obsessions and the need to earn a living!
Applications went into 3-D Animation, Simulation, VR/AR and Machine Language Control of high resolution cameras
and film scanners used in the motion picture industry and computer graphics/photo industry.

I have historically shot 4x5 and Hasselblad, doing my own processing and scanning film on my Howtek 8,000 line drum scanner.

In October, 2007 With the introduction of the Phase One P45 digital back, I felt the digital age had finally matched, and frankly exceeded,
what I had been doing with 4x5 film scanned at 8,000 lines on my Howtek Hi Resolve Drum Scanner. Thus, since that time I've abandoned all film and gone completely digital.

Until 2013 I shot the Hasselblad H4D-50MP with the 28mm, 80mm and 50-110 Zoom lenses. Progression was from the
H3DII-39MP camera with a stop to try out the Canon 5DMkII and their TS-E L lenses. However test I ran in 2013 comparing the H4D-50MP with the Nikon D800E mated to the Zeiss 21mm lens compelled me to sell all of my Hassie gear and move to the Nikon/Zeiss system. For a fraction of the cost of shotting Hassie I am getting images that my test and eye feel are as good, and in some ways with more dynamic range, than the Hassie!

Software used is Lightroom , Photomatrix II, PTGui, Helicon Focus and Photoshop CS to "tune" my vision.
I've been enjoying Panorama imaging and experimenting some with long term exposures. I've also been experimenting with Helicon Focus in an
attempt to replicate the depth of field I could get with a 4x5 that is lacking with a DSLR.

In May, 2008 I relocated home from Atlantta, GA to Naples, FL.

Then, during November 2012 moved again to Chapel Hill, NC and left Naples behind. This move was prompted by my 20 year study of Global Warming trends. I no longer felt living at the coast at 9 feet above sea level was a wise place to invest cash. I found a house that I am now making a "home" in Chapel Hill and I'm getting use to not waving at "Flipper" each morning. I have traveled to the NC coast and find my lust for salt water can be satisfied there, though not on a daily basis as in Naples. Will Chapel Hill be where I live out the balance of my life, doubtful, but we'll see what adventure the Universe has in store for me from here! A Dream is to be found by an honorable Lady and live in a committed loving relationship for the first time in my Life!

I may make this Dream manifest in the future, if she looks for me.


I'm happy to share anything I've learned with you should you choose to contact me.

For Folks Interested In My Specific Digital Technology Experience: 1983– January 2004, here are a few highlights:        

Southeastern Digital Images, Inc. & C/Food Software Division, Atlanta, GA 

PS: Please note that all images on the are displayed as only 72dpi and 8 bits deep. In reality, the actual images I print from are at least 300 dpi
and 14/16 bits, thus the printed image looks dramatically better than what is able to be displayed here on my web site.




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