Poetry, by Jack Brady

"To See, To Sense, To Feel, To Know We are Alive!"
Shadows Dancing
Poems & Personal Writings of Jack Brady
"That which is Given, can never be Stolen" 
“You may not be here tomorrow, but your Dreams can be through another.
Share your Dreams.” 
As you read my writings, all have been written at different times over the last 30 years. 
The copyright date is just the date I decided to share publicly.
Of some, I hope you have felt the same at one time during your Life.
Of others, I pray you have not, and do not understand!
(NOTE:  At this time, all of my poems below are accompanied by a recording of my reading
the respective poem.  If you click on the "arrow" found on the left side of the box in the center
below the poem, you can start and stop the reading.)

© Jack Brady, All Rights Reserved, 2006 - 2018

Whether Black, Brown, Yellow, White, or anything in between,
Wearing a Bursa, the Robe of a Pope, the Rags of a beggar,
Whether you walk the Rainbow, or the Straight Path,
Whether whole in body, mind or Spirit, or not,
Whether Kind or Cruel, happy or sad,
Whether Loved or Loveless,
Whether Female or Male,
Whether Rich or Poor,

All Ashes look the same.

All Ashes look the same!

© Jack Brady, 2017, All Right Reserved


© Jack Brady, 2016, All Right Reserved


I am but a Leaf, from the soil of Our Life Time.

Your roots took me in.

Your trunk lifts me to the Heavens.

Born on a branch of Your Love,

You gave me a home,

which I’d never known.

I will nurture You as the Sun of Our Life Time.

I will give what cannot be stolen.

I will return more than I take.

When the Fall comes,

as I am pulled from You by the Winds,

I will caress Your limbs and trunk

as I fall to the ground that harbors Your roots.

I promise to return.

I will return again through the Earth to You,

and We will be together once more.

 © Jack Brady, 2016





© Jack Brady, 2016, All Right Reserved

To Know

To Know You See Me, yet Your Eyes are closed.
To Know You Hear Me, yet My Lips do not move.
To Know You Feel Me, yet We do not Touch.
To Know the Taste of Your Kiss, yet our Lips do not meet.
To  Bring You Pleasure, though I am not before you.

That is what I Seek,
That is what I Offer,
As I find No other Reason to Seek.

Through Your Pleasure and Happiness,
Mine will be Found.

© Jack Brady, 2017, All Rights Reserved


Hidden Deep,
a Soul,
shrouded by
My Ugly Flesh.


Seeking One.
One, Who Knows.
And dares to
Penetrate My Flesh!


 Be before Me,
As I won’t look back.

Find what YOU SEEK!
Within where YOU reach.
Just beyond touching
My Heart!

Find me.
On a Path others feared to Walk,
Yet this Path is all I have known,
Path with Thornes
Cut My soles deep.
Yet Elevated My Soul!

I know,
You Seek,
I Offer.

 Find He that stands before you!
Pull the Thorns from My bleeding feet,
Which walked this path before I was
Found by You.

Heal Me, and You will Heal Yourself.
Bath in the Glow of the Soul that grew bright from the Pain
from the path of it’s Life before you came!

 Find Me!
Before only Our Souls
Can meet, and the joy
That can be found
Of touching Flesh is past.


Waiting to Be.


©  Jack Brady, All rights reserved, 2018

My Soul touchs You, without arms.
It feels You, without flesh,
It sees You, without eyes,
It weeps, without tears,
It has no voice, yet it speaks to you,
Nothing is said, yet it knows Your thoughts.

Why can’t You feel?
Why can’t You see?
Why can’t You hear?

Why don’t I know?

© Jack Brady, 2009, All Right Reserved.

They know not of before the Womb.
They know not of after the Last Breath.
Yet they have all the Answers of how I should live My Life?
I walk through the crowds Unseen, Untouched, Unknown.
I wander amongst Them, yet will never be one with Them, or They one with Me.

© Jack Brady, 2009, All Right Reserved.

No Mask, No Mirrors
Move outside yourself.
See Yourself without your self.
Move through the Ether.
Lose yourself to become Your Self.
Peel off the facade that has masked your Soul from your Consciousness.

Know you are complete when You fade from the mirror's deceptive glare.

Abandon the Heaven the Earthly Souls long for.
Embrace the Earth the Spirits of Heaven seek.

© Jack Brady, 2009, All Right Reserved.


To awake in the early light,
And see beside me,
 Glow within Your Soul.

To Kiss Your Forehead,
And Awaken Thee from slumber,
 into this Mortals Realm.

Where is the Soul,
that makes My Soul,
make Sense?

Not to Those around Us,
but to Her Alone.

In doing so,
will She make my Soul,
make Sense to Me?

© Jack Brady, 2017, All Rights Reserved

Peel Away
Touch me.  Penetrate the flesh to caress the Soul.

Reach further, chase away my loneliness and solitude.

Reach me.  Vanquish the cold shroud, mask of flesh that shields me from you.

Only by your touch can the loneliness of mortal existence be dissolved.

Press further.  Fear not the flame.
Reach me.
Let me comfort you.
Reach me.

© Jack Brady, 2009, All Right Reserved.

Dance with My Soul
If you do not Know My Way, though I stand in front of you, you will never See Me.

Whisper to me and I will Hear, Hold My Hand, and I will offer My Heart.
Hold My Heart, and I will let Your Soul Dance with Mine.

But Beware, I have been taught by others before You.
Beauty can Mask Deceit.
Tenderness can Mask a Thief.
Sensuality can Mask a Demon.

Warned, yet I could not look away.
Harmed, yet I stayed.
Revealed, yet I rejected the Truth.
Promised, yet never Received.
Loaned, but never Returned.
Believing there will be more, but found empty.

That which I loan to you, must be left should you leave.
That which I give to you, can never be stolen from me.

I am as I write.
As I speak, I filter what I shall later write.
Once Written, take as Essence of My Soul.

Again beware,
I am not what You want me to be.
I am not what You See.
I am not what you think you hear.

I am what I write.
I am what only Your Soul can Dance with.
First, Dance with my Shadow,
Dance with my Soul.

Will You Dance?

© Jack Brady, 2016, All Right Reserved.


But a  Ceder Tree, before Thee.
Born before Thee walked,
On a barren peninsula of sand
stretching into the Sea.

Void of any alike.
Roots Twisted and gnarled.
The pain of holding oneself upright,
where there is nothing
but the cutting sand to be Anchored by.

As the Winds have Blown,
Twisting My shape,
exposing Beauty from Pain.

As the Rain and Hail has scarred,
I wait.

Close by the ferry passes, never ending.
Waiting the day for one to depart.

Walk the sandy path to My base.
Lean against My trunk.
Sit below in the sand,
My only companion in Life,
Save the storms, harsh Sun and biting Cold.

Sit below,
giving reason
for My branches, trunk, that offer shade.
Protecting in a way no other can offer.

Such is My Wait.

I Wait.

©  Jack Brady, 2017, All Rights Reserved

Departing Ferry, B&W
Departing Ferry, B&W

“One to Touch”
Kalamazoo Valley State Mental Institution; Dying Ward. 1966
My Job Description, yes I was an employee, not a patient!:
“To log and record any and all abnormal behavior, witness all deaths.”
My Age:  18 years

Below is just one of my many experiences there.


I knew nothing of him, or so many others.
Their records were cold, as were the visitor’s chairs beside their beds.

He never said a word.
Blind, He never looked into my eyes, as others sought to do.
He never looked into my Soul, yet felt my presence.
Yet, his Life’s last gesture was to sense and reach for my forearm.

I did not pull away.
I was all there was for him.
The head nurse looked on, silently, still.
As he dug his nails deep into my forearm, I felt his passing.

Many had been felt, but his was different.
I would not pull away for several minutes, though my forearm bled.
It was my honor to be the last he would reach for and touch.

The scars on my forearm are gone, but his memory still haunts me.

Will there be one to touch?

©  Jack Brady, 2016, All Right Reserved.

The Ultimate Insult to a Another is to freely offer intimacy and then be
sure They do not enjoy it.

© Jack Brady, 2009, All Right Reserved.

Souls Heaven
Doubt it not, where you stand is your Soul’s heaven
It has sought to sense the Senses, to love Love

Yet you stand there seeking what your Soul has sought and already found.

Can you not sense, can you not smell, can you not feel?

What are you missing from the Journey?

What is missing from your Pathway?

You are on the Path, seeking the Soul that is already with You!

Yet You are Lost?

© Jack Brady, 2009, All Right Reserved. 

Harms Way
Sense the presence of Harm, can You?

It’s signature is Universal, it’s sigh and glance is seductive.

Harms Way is fluid.

It may be in the form of a curve on a being, or in the Pathway before you.

It may be in the slant of a smile, or the piercing glare of the eye.

Yet it’s presence is unmistakable to those who care to open their Souls to sense it.

The issue is whether your Soul is wise enough to sense Harm’s presence,

and how you choose once sensed!

© Jack Brady, 2003, All Right Reserved.

Passageways to Knowledge
You’re Born into the center of a Sphere that is Your Universe to grasp and explore.
Sitting in the Center feels Safe.

Yet,in time and with exploration, it becomes sterile and the yearning to Explore the Unknown is overpowering.
With time and good fortune, you Explore the boundries,  Experience and Master the Stimuli in Your Universe.

You feel secure until you find a small tear in the Outer Limits of Your Universe.  It is too small to pass through without leaving all you have accumulated behind!  It is like passing through a funnel that becomes narrower and narrower, forcing you to abandon your prior prejudices, attachments and pre-conceptions in order to enter an Unknown Realm.

As you ponder the dilemma to risk loosing Yourself for a chance to explore what is now exposed to your Soul, the Pull of the Unknown is too great.  You abandon all and as such are moved into a new Sphere, much larger and more intimidating than the one you left behind.  You find that the Senses you acquired from Your Past have not left you and you become acutely aware that this new and strange Universes boundary are far beyond that which came before it.

Thus the Exploration and acquisition of Knowledge and Wisdom begins at a new, higher level, until it too is explored and internalized, and Fate puts before you a tear in the fabric to once again challenge your contentment with yourself.

Each Passage requires the abandonment of concepts that have mutated into ever more powerful aspects of your Being, thus making the abandonment that much more difficult.
To halt and accept the current Universe may bring contentment, but you’ll never know what more there is to Explore if that is all you ask of yourself.


© Jack Brady, 2014, All Right Reserved.

Sensing and Feeling the dying of your cells.
Staring at the Sunset while hoping for the next Rise.
Loosing balance, and hoping it is only physical.
Pondering the singularity of my Souls Journey.
Seeing none of the Answers you though you would find.
Frightened by the missed beats of the Heart and Soul.
Sitting, Lost as to why there isn’t more to share, or those to share with.
Trapped by the confines we have created by our own design.
Not knowing how hard to Fight to reach tomorrow, or is now the time to Surrender.

© Jack Brady, 2015, All Right Reserved.

The Price of a Promise

Alone and at Peace With My Sea, Forests and Soul.


“Share”, she asks.
“Open up and show me what others only Dream of.”
“What have you learned?”
“Show me your Sea, Your Forests."
"Show me how you see and are about to see.”
“Let me be One with Your Soul”, she asks.

“I’ll never abandon”, she whispers.
“Fear Me not,” she Promises.
“I’ll offer what I ask if you’ll stay”, she proclaims.

All asked is Given.

All is found:
Too intense.
Too Intelligent.

Too Spiritual.

 Never content.

Never Felt.
Never Heard.
Never Sensed.
Never Shared.

Never Played With.
Never Danced With.
Never Touched.
Never Loved.

“Fear me not,” she Promised!

“Why ever Sought”, he cries?

Alone With My Sea, Forests and Soul, seeking Peace.

© Jack Brady, 2015, All Rights Reserved.

To Sense the presence of a Soul that you Love and have Loved, intertwined with yours, but not from this Life.
To Honor Her presence and acknowledge Her.
To Trust Her guidance and influence in your Life.
To plant a tree, to Kiss a Star, to shed a tear and taste it so She may know it's taste again.
To walk into the Sea, submerge and drink from Her essence.
That is all I can offer, yet that is all She needs.
To be at Peace with her Spirit, yet long for her flesh.
For another Life.

© Jack Brady, 2015, All Right Reserved.

My Lady, I Hid from You.

My Life has been a paradox, much of my own making.

I’ve docked at your pier but have refused to leave my vessel.

I’ve glanced at you from afar, but refused your stare.

I’ve known where over the horizon you lay, but steered my course away from you.

I’ve wasted so much time for the fear I could not Honor you.

Now I’m drowning in a sea of tears of my own making.
Is it too late to sense your presence in This Life?
The suffering and solitude, even in the presence of another masked as you, has tempered my Soul for you.
I’m ready to finally share with Yours.
Can you still see me?
Can you still hear me?
Can you still feel me?
Can you find me?
 Will you still reach for me?


Thank you to the one that gave me the Pain to seek again.

© Jack Brady, 2015, All Right Reserved.

To Be Found

I feared not the Solitude of Singularity, so I left.
I knew of the coldness of the Souls that I would be amongst, and acknowledge their way as not mine.

Freedom requires Vigilance, Sacrifice and the willingness to bare Silence.
To call out in the morning, and hear no reply, yet be at Peace with the Silence.

   I will not seek, and no longer expect to be found.

I’m now free to take what the Fates place before me, and relish in the Freedom to smile to another Soul glancing my way, yet continue on My Way, Alone.

I’ll know if I’m in the company of Her, when I realize I’m no longer Vigilant.

© Jack Brady, 2015, All Right Reserved.

The Angel in the Corner of My Room

12 years

The taste of oil on cold blued steel!
Why is there A Lady in a glowing mist up in the corner of my room, a Boy asks of the Silence?

“Love”, is that what I’m feeling for the first time??
I’ve never know of It’s Look, of It’s Intensity, or It’s Warmth!!

What part of my Being has She just touched that has been hidden from Me?
My Soul?!

Why NOW, when my Exit Path is now defined, finally by Me?
Why not shown to Those that caused such Pain to make Me abandon this Life?

Is She like the Rain? 
Are You the warm mist from the calm night that nurtures me as I open my eyes and press my tongue into you and feel your droplets land on me?
Are you like the driving sleet brought to me in the rage of your passion to touch my Soul?

Why won’t you look Away!!
I did not ask for you now!!!
I want to find Peace

Are You, and what you have touched, why I should persevere this pain?

This Child was not to perish that night.

Given the Touch to withstand what pain the Future held.

68  years

Where has She been, I Ask?

© Jack Brady, 2015, All Right Reserved.


Can I find what I seek, in the absence of HER?
My Soul knows of It, yet my Flesh and Heart seek Her.

Facing Her,
To become one with HER while Meditating.
To become entwined in each other’s Spirit.
To dance with the Stars as One.
To feel the Kiss of Heaven within each.
To become the Tear of the Whale.
To know HER as none other.
To let her know Me as never shared before.
To know we were One, before in another Life.
To be at Peace with having found each other in this Life.


©   Jack Brady, 2016, All Right Reserved.

Holding Together

As my fingers move across the Keyboard trying to type what I need to share, what I must release, My Soul twists with the anguish of letting a Feeling inside be brought to light for others to see.

Such is the Nature of holding oneself together.

Expression is cathartic, but places One in Harms Way. 

The sense of preservation balanced with the urge to share Self is a sword that cuts both ways. 

Let It be seen and It can be used to harm, don’t let it be seen and it festers within and cuts Your Soul. 
Worse, never expose it and the One seeking, with the same Pain to her being, will never glance My way.

Such is the Nature of Paradox, and Self.

©  Jack Brady 2016, All Right Reserved.

Free Your Shadow to Dance with Me!

You, I can feel Your Existence, here by Me!
My Soul can Touch Yours.
Are You a World Away,
I feel not.

Yet, You do not sense Me?
You do not hear My Calling?
You do not feel My desire to share?

I understand Your not knowing of Our Past,
Few do.

But You do not feel a Longing?
Is it best for You to not?

In your absence, I can only wish You well.

I will Dance in the Moon’s Glow tonight with
Your Shadow, while you sleep hidden from me.
I will Kiss the Earth your Shadow graces.

I fear I’ve stood before You, yet You have not seen Me.
That You will never See Me, know Me.

Your Shadow is all I can now ask for.
You Shadow is all I’ll ever know.

I only ask
“Free Your Shadow to Dance with Me!!”

© Jack Brady 2016, All Right Reserved.

Trilogy of Defenses

A Façade,
A Mask,

Which of the Three is before Me now?

Will you come out?
I will not tear down.
I will not Search.

I stand before You, Naked.
No Mask.
No Facade.

Yet You can’t see Me!

Copyright ©  Jack Brady 2016, All Right Reserved.

Saved, By What May Never Again Be Felt while
I’m trapped by Flesh

A Parents Broken Covenant with God.
The pain of such manifested on my Flesh and Soul.

A Vision, Her.
A Warmth, Her.
A Sense of Love never known before, Her

Her contrast with the taste of oil on cold blued steel.
Warmth against the Cold waiting to extinguish My Life.

She Refuses to Fade,
The Child's body fatigues and resolve becomes Shame
before Her Sight.

A Child was not to Parish that night.

Her Soul’s appearance has been the greatest gift from the Universe in My Life.

Yet Forever to be Haunted by Her Love shared, that saved!

Too find Her Soul in flesh that fills the vacuum in my Life is what I hunger for.

The age of the one I seek is not of my caring.
The lack of being physically whole is not of my caring.

I’ve had whole,
I’ve had beauty,
I’ve had wealth.
I’ve Never been fulfilled by what I’ve had.
I’m abandoning All.

The Warmth of her Soul is all I will feel.

Does She Seek Mine?
Will She see the Joy, Happiness Her vision allowed to
Manifest over My Life,
Or only the Scares of seeking Her?

My Covenant waits to be made with Her.
I wait.

I'm Free To Be One.

© Jack Brady, 2016, All Right Reserved.

Star Dust

Close the Flesh over your eyes so you can See.
Face the Sun,
Feel the warmth on Your Flesh?

Let your Soul Sense the Soul of the Star.

Dare to Be Again the pure Star Dust you were
Birth From!

© Jack Brady, 2016, All Right Reserved.

Be My Moon!

Enter the Forest of Your Soul, during the Nights Darkness,
Pierced by the rays from My Soul, as Your Full Moon. 

Let My Light show Your Path into the Wilderness, Leading You to Me.
Calming the noise in Your Heart, I will heal Your scars.

Let Your Shadow be Free to Dance!
Let Your Soul Rise from Your depths of what You have forgotten from our Lives Past.
To Dance in the Nights air, under the Light of My Soul!

Watch as Our Shadows and Souls Dance to a Song you are feeling for the first time in this Life.

Embrace their Love.
Embrace My Song, My Light.

Grasp the hand of My Shadow and Dance!

 Reach for My Soul ONLY after you have Danced with My Shadow and it has Embraced YOU!

Now, Be My Moon!

©  Jack Brady, 2016, All Right Reserved.

Morning Mist Surrounds

I walk along the shore,
Pondering "Forever More".
Morning Mist Surrounds My progression along the shoreline between Earth and Heaven.
Only footsteps in the Sand of Life Past reveal my Path for any to see that choose to look, till the Sea washes away any trace of My Being.
Should you wonder what Soul was present, but only in the moment,
look before all trace is lost.

As I move along the ragged line that separates the Land and Sea, Earth and Heaven, I reflect on the Path I’ve chosen, the experiences that have manifested before me and been tasted, the Love for Her never manifest, the Love for the Joy of My Life in Her absence.

My Sea,
My Forest,
My Mountains,
My Mind,
My Heart,
My Soul.

I am grateful to have been able to leave any marks at the waters edge, however temporary their tenure, however many cuts on my Soul from the piercing sharp objects at the waters edge.

As I progress on my Path, I see before me a Wall. 
Made of Doors?
Stacked from the shore to the mountains on the left, the seas horizon on the right.
Reaching up into the Universe.
No knobs on my side and doors are only hinged to open from the other side!!

Is it Her?
Is it Yours?
From the other side?

Will She open to look through from just one of the thousands of doors before Her?

I will pause for a moment, sit and see if any door opens and Her appearance manifests.

A Lifetime is passing, I only hear voices.
I hear none of the hinges creek with the sound of Your pending appearance.

Is it time to move on?
If I move, will She see my tracks from the Wall, or will the Sea have washed me from Her seeking.

If to be found, then it will be.
If not, then I will enjoy my Path and be Joyful in the Gift from the Universe to have been offered this time to wander in the Dimension of Life.

I pause as I turn away from Heavens Doors to continue on my Journey,
Am I leaving just before Her appearance?
Did She open and look before I found Heavens Doors?
Have I waited long enough?
If a door opens, will she enter to share My World and walk the Paths of Life before us, or will She beckon me to  leave this World and join her?

I move on.

© Jack Brady, 2016, All Right Reserved.

Sensing Dawn, at My Sunset

To Sense,
To Chase,
To Pursue,
To Retreat,
To Return to Ether.

To have grown up, together, Lost.
To have built Love, Family from our Entanglement, Lost.
To Create Children, Nurtured, Held, then set Free, Lost.

If now Found, only remains the joy of knowing One that
All could have been done with.
More than I have now.
Just knowing.

To grow Old, holding such One close,
All that remains, yet more than ever existed before.
I wait.
I wait.

Never seen,
Never touched,
Only sensed.

I will leave, empty.
I turn,
To Ether.

©  Jack Brady 2016, All Right Reserved.


Where is Home, she asks?
Wherever I stand, I Whispered.

How is that, she asks?
It has never been found,
It has never been offered,
It has never been given,
 so I made it within.

How does it look?
As seen in my Souls Eye.

What does it smell like?
The scent of Love.

What color?
Reflects the mood of My Soul.

How can I share, she asks?
Step inside is all you have to do.
The door is open.
There are no Locks.
The matt says Welcome.

Where is it?
Standing before you.


©  Jack Brady 2016, All Right Reserved.

What is Fair?

Jimmy, the name given.
Home:  Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital
Ward of the State of Michigan
Insane, hardly, just not wanted.

Meet in 1965,
Working in the Admission Office.
Myself, new employee to be trained.
Trainer:  Jimmy, same age of 18.

Sitting calmly in his chair.
Filing Admission Cards.
I look in Jimmy’s direction and express a kind smile.

Within an instant of my glance, He is launched toward the Heavens.
A velocity I had never seen or suspected capable by the human form.

As terror must have gripped his Soul,
His body twists and knots without his permission.

The Cruelty of Gravity, upon his failure to reach orbit, at the apex of his trajectory, returns Jimmy face first to the concrete floor.

I am in shock,
I grab and placed doubled tongue depressors between his teeth.
I can do nothing of merit but hold him and wait for the demons within him to calm.

Such was jimmy’s Journey that afternoon.
Such was the first day of our meeting.

I had learned the answer to the questions I dare not ask of him upon our first meeting that morning.
Why all of the deep, cruel scars on his face?
Why would he be wearing a football helmet?

I no longer asked within myself those questions.

In the days to come I watched as his kindness and Soul brought happiness to those about him, including myself.

How could I ever feel I was cheated in my Life!
Such was Jimmy’s Gift to me.

May Jimmy be found well today.

©  Jack Brady 2016, All Right Reserved.

Before I Fade

To trace the path of Your Lips with My Lips.
To follow the trail of Your curves with My cheek,
To feel the warmth of Your breath on My neck,
To feel the whisk of Your hair across My forehead,
To feel the twitch of Your thigh on My neck.

No! No!
There IS More to be Found!

To Hear Your Voice Call My Soul’s Name through the Forests Mist.

To Hold Your Shadow, cast upon the Forest Floor at Sunset, as tall and as strong as the Trees Shadow.

To drink Your Mist, soothing my burning Soul’s Thirst.

To allow the currents of Your Soul to capture Me, lifting Me to Your Heaven.

To see You with Me, within the Whales Tear.

To feel the Waves of Your Soul’s Sea crash upon My Soul’s Shore.

To know only You see Me, with Eyes Closed.

I offer to You the Helm of my Souls Vessel, and Trust Your Souls Compass.

Will you accept the Helm?

©  Jack Brady, 2016, All Right Reserved.

Written to All, Yet to No One.

You’d never know, as we never got to the point of sharing the parts of a Life Time that are not apparent as one passes another on the street, at sea or on a forest trail.

I’ve experienced a "Life Time" that has one major deficit in it.

No, not intelligence, as I have enough of that to part me from the masses.

Not sensitivity, a brief read of my writings will remove any doubt of that.

Adventures?  Far more than most, all around the World, some in situations that risk life and limb, but ones that must be experienced to understand the depths and heights of Life.

A unquestioned belief in beyond here?
No, just search “NDE” and you’ll answer a journey of 6 minutes in my life, or should one say “after life”?

Only my Shadow has been with me in this lifetime!
Loved me, been faithful, listened, never questioned my intent, the purity of my heart or my Soul, danced with me regardless of pain, fear or Joy.

It has never manifested a hidden agenda that placed me in harms ways.

My Shadow has drawn me to it’s Dance on moon lit nights, appearing in the beauty of the reflection in the sea, on my forest floor
in the moon light, before a fire as it danced for all in the flicker of the fires light.

It is all that has been faithful, and only it.  It has always been with me, and will never abandon me for another. 

It stays with me as I age, as health fades and changes my ability to run on the forest Moon lite path.

It has entertained me, in a Life time of the absence of another like myself, or even one not like myself.

My “Shadow”, a gift to me from the Universe, that I would have perished without.

To Be, without being Lonely.

©  Jack Brady 2016, All Right Reserved.



Fly with You?
Would be New!
Can YOU too?

Better than Things.

Unfold Your Wings
Touch Mine?
Only with your Heart!

No Wings?
Clip Mine?
You’d steal My Soul!

Better to stay in the clouds,
To come down to find you,
Could be to loose Myself!

I don’t care how seductive you are!
The price of your warmth
Is just too far.

I have my Sun,
I have my Clouds,
I have my Shadow Dancing on the Earth below,

Put down the shears!
I’ll never come down,
No matter how jeweled Your Crown
I need no Crown,
I need not your ground.

Join Me in My Clouds!

 © Jack Brady, 2016, All Right Reserved.

The Brook

As I stare into the Brook and note the movement of the pebbles in the flow,
I ponder if I am but a pebble in the current of the Universe being moved
and displaced at it's whim.

Where the Universe places the pebble, is of it’s choosing.
It pays no mind to the fact It has not given any clue
what the pebbles purpose is.

Unlike the pebble, It is of My making to sit, to take up a task,
or to wait to be carried to a new site
of the Universe's choosing.

I will not be a Victim of the Universes whim.
I have seen too many others live as Victims,
but are in reality the Victimizer to those  around them.

I will not sit, but I will walk a Path of my choosing
and choose carefully those that share the Path.

© Jack Brady, 2016, All Right Reserved.


It’s easy to feel one is past their prime.
That others have stolen what was your time.

To reflect back on what was then,
to find the absence of any Zen.

Now you wait the closing years,
And pray they’ll lack the tears
Of yester years.

I’ll not shed a tear
Regardless of what is near.
For those I’ve known
That left alone
Would not allow
Me to atone.

Move ahead with the wisdom gained
Ever knowing it’s not a game.
Life is expended from
An unknow source.
Not to be left
Until due course.

© Jack Brady  2016, All Right Reserved.

Seeking “Her”

Touch me,
Feel me,
Hold me.
Dance with my Shadow,
Consume my Soul.

Blend Your Shadow with mine on the forest floor,
  Now lie beside me on the fallen leaves.

Blend my Soul with Yours in the beams of the Moon’s light on a windy cold night to warm You.

Answer to my call?
Send me Yours so I may at least know what path to take to embrace You.

May YOU HEAR ME before my lungs no longer can call to You!

Has the time pasted for Us?

No, I see Your reflection in the Clouds above me!
In the distance, I know You are still with me but not together, yet.
My Shadow has crossed Yours on a path Yours once walked in solitude.
But I’ve possessed more of the Moon’s surface than felt Your touch in this Life.

I remember You, but not from this lifetime!
Now, once again to be Blessed by Your touch,
Your kiss, while We are still flesh!

Just one more night with Our Souls encapsulated in Flesh.

You have found me in my Dreams within a Dream.
Now find me in my flesh.

Touch me,
Feel me,
Hold me.
Dance with my Shadow,
Consume my Soul.

Reach for me!

© Jack Brady, 2017, All Right Reserved.


Masked as the tree, She stood.
Tall in a forest of many.
Wanting all to see.

Strong trunk.
Waving branchs.
Leaves that glisten in the Sun.
Leaves shimmering in the Dark.
Seducing your Soul!
Wanted by all.

Dare to Look Inside?

Sucking Life from the soil of Your Soul.
Let IT be!

Are there TREES in the forest,
Not Hollow,
To be Found?


Isn’t there?

©  Jack Brady, 2017, All Right Reserved.


Between Life and Soul Passing?
A Touch?
A Spark?
A Scent?
The Majesty?

Mist of the breath of Her Calling?

The Center of Ones Soul?
The Entrance of Her Spirit into Me?
Memory of a prior Life?
Premonition of a Future Life?

Anima mundi
I am part,
Beyond Myself,
Yet One with The Whole.

© Jack Brady, 2017, All Right Reserved.


Lives within, yet without.
She is small, yet stout.
Holds My Soul,
Yet lets it be Free.
When will she
Become one with me?

Not to focus.
Look through the fog with your Souls Eye.
She’ll appear.
But never near touch.

To hold the Torch.
Yet see no Light
Is the curse of My Night.

The Gravity of Her.
Forces me to Her Center.
Why do I remember Our Past,
And Not Our Future,
Or Our Present?

The Point,
Is Now.
I wait,
As her Journey
for Me ends,
We will begin as One,
Once again

©  Jack Brady, 2017, All Right Reserved.


Note on Veela: Some have asked what is Veela, here is definition:


Upon the Path

On My path, I am approached by Another.
Touching, Caring, Giving, Taking what is offered.

Yet my heart holds back, and for an instant recoils,
as if one finds a feather on your flesh, your mind expects a spider and in your ignorance you instinctively recoil.

You failed to recognize the meeting as a Gift, given by another, only for You.


The Sense of Consciousness is eternal, can be shared
and left in the care of another upon your passing.

So many Vistas I've never seen paired with the Soul of Another
possessing maturity, sensitivity, and vision.

A Dawn that will never manifest in this Life?

To have lived,
yet never had a Life shall not be my destiny!

I seek but One.
I am to be found, but by One.

© Jack Brady, 2017, All Right Reserved.


Passing through the Birth Channel, I enter alone, a Soul masked in flesh.
My Soul seeking to be Nurtured and Taught by those that bore me.

If the Covenant made with their God by them is never fulfilled, there is a Hunger inside Me that can never be fulfilled by others.

Their Covenant broken.

Yet, as I pass through Life’s Journey seeking mature prospect of finding a Compliment, am I foolish in my Heart and Soul to believe I am entitled to it? 

Yet I Pray the Fates to provide another Soul to mate with mine and to Dance with My Shadow in the Forest of Life.

How foolish, such is a Gift and not a Right of living,
as many before Me have learned from
their Journeys through Millennium.

Is my Journey to be as Theirs?

Thus, to be Born alone, to Die in the Flesh I was born in,
Alone, yet to live in the Soul forever, seeking in the next Life to be found
by the elusive sense called “Love”.

The Fates will have their way regardless of My Hunger!
I wait to learn, will I be Found before passing
from this Flesh that I inhabit?

I am obligated to my Soul that became flesh in the Womb,
to Learn, Share, Teach, and Love others,
even if nothing is returned! 

Thus, My Flesh’s Covenant with the Soul that entered.
This I can do!!

©  Jack Brady, 2016, All Right Reserved.


I’m not Lost,
I’m not Broken,
I’m just seeking a Simple Token.

A Token of Speech.
A Token of Sensitivity.
A Token of Compassion.
A Token of Vulnerability.
A Token of Passion.

A Token to Reflect this Poem.
A Token that is a Key,
Showing that you are like Me.

Take My Poems as Your Token,
That my Words will Never be Broken.

Take my Spirit, My Desire to give to One,
All that can be Found in My Tokens, written for but One.

Unlike Gold, my Token has no Mass. 
It is but the Song of the Mocking Bird in Spring,
Hoping to find one who can Sing.

Break the Curse of the Fates, that has kept Me in an Absent Place.
Displace the State of my Fate, that is lacking your Embrace.

Do You See, the Presence of Me, in the Tokens I place before Thee?

As a Pyramid needs a Base, take these Poems, offered as Your first Embrace.

©  2017, Jack Brady, All Rights Reserved

My Sea

My Mistress, She lies Deep,
fathoms beyond this Mortal’s feet.

My Mistress, Calm moments,
revealing just a whisper of her power.

My Mistress, Raging with the energy of Her Warmth,
She can only cast Her Shadow on This World of Mortals
when She’s Raging.

My Mistress, envelops my Being and Soul,
and in Time My Ashes.

My Mistress, I go down on one knee and can touch
the shells of those caressed before me.

Open My Soul to Her and She Floods My Being
with Her Healing Essence.

My Mistress, a Dream unfolding
within the Folds of My Heart, Soul.

My Mistress, Seeking the Flesh to become one,
With My Sea.

 Will She Manifest before me,
Before I Manifest within her?

© Jack Brady, 2017, All Rights Reserved


Two Souls, from Beyond,
Seeking to possess this Mortal State,

Enter as Mortals here upon.

Mated from Beyond,
Seeking each other here upon.

The Flesh to kiss,
The senses to See the Sea,
To taste the Tear,
To Kiss the Flesh,
To Hear a Thought as a Word.
To seek each other,
To find that which was promised
from Beyond.

Upon Pain with no function of gain,
Death is chosen by one
as an escape. 
Yet, Her aberration in the corner of
the room is the deterrent and believed
to be a promise of a future.

In a Vision, years later, the awareness of what
has been lost.
Lost my Mate to the Ground,
Never to be found.

To have known she’s gone,
Missed, yet known from Beyond.
To wait, yet show no waiting.
To await the Beyond,
Alone, but only for now.

© Jack Brady, 2016, All Right Reserved.


Let it be, the crashing waves of the Sea
torn in the rage of the storm
created by the Wind above.

Let it be, Torment generated,
by the Fates separating me from Whom I seek!

Let it be, the pain of responding to the chime
that rings hollow when electrons hit the screen declaring
“She’s Interested”! 

Just let it be, yet again.

Let it be, the sounds of the wind in the trees,
where you KNOW you heard Her voice!

Pull the wax plugs implanted by the harm of
those that came before, masked as Her?
No, let it be.

Let it be, the shadow cast on the forest floor that flickers behind you,
yet you turn and find only the mist of vapor of the Forest.

Let it be, the longing for just the Touch of Her Soul,
Just let it be!

Let it be, wasted Life Force spent
seeking One who has been elusive, yet known.

©  Jack Brady, 2017, All Right Reserved.


Alone with You,
In a prison of one,
Left with you, no one.
The cold of Your body and Soul,
My pain of entrapment, took it’s Toll.

Never Felt,
Never Shared,
Never Sensed,
Never Loved. 

Came as the Dream Slayer,
Cloaked in beauty,
Yet possessing none. 

To your trophies,
I was added.

For your pleasure,
I was lost. 

Fear of never finding Self again,
Kept Me chained to my Word.

Once your promise was broken,
The chains binding me to My Word
were gone, and so was I.

Left alone without Myself,
One has to search the Soul of times past.
Breath in Life to that abandoned Mystery,
Kiss the Shadows in which it hid.
Dance to the sound of My Heart,
Now Free, to once again Beat with Passion! 

With a new Edge to My Soul,
I wander again to sense Freedom and seek
a True Love denied. 

Scars have been added, yet have not
destroyed the essence of this Soul
that was hiding because of the darkness of another. 

Wrapped in the warmth of My Cocoon,
Woven from the threads of My hours in the past,
Alone on My Sea and in My Forests. 

I’m renewed and Whole again,
Washed Pure by the salt of My tears.
Never to lose possession of Self
for the wants of Another again.

Nothing you gave, much you stole, yet you took none of Me.

Now saved for one that should have been,
I wait. 

Found Myself within, yet Lonesome without.
Now my Shadow walks again with Me, not without.
I shall continue My journey and will cross “Her” path, hoping She’ll
forgive My absence, and embrace the Present with Me.

© Jack Brady, 2016

Seeking, to be Found

This Raging Storm,

Seeking just one,

Calm waters,

Clear waters,

Warm waters,

Brilliance in Sky,

Never fears,

My Vessel.

Safe Harbor.

This Calm,

© Jack Brady, 2017, All Right Reserved.


As with All within this Realm called Life,

I am but a Leaf,

Floating on the River of Life.

Chilled by the icy waters,

Tossed by the Currents,

Pummeled by the Rapids.

Yet I remain afloat,

Feeling the sun upon me.

Standing on the Shore,


Will She cast Her glance my way!

Just a Leaf, among the millions,

nothing more, yet nothing less,

that will pass by Her Shore.

Just a glance, should I seek anything more?

I approach from Afar!

Glistening from the brilliance of having

reached the Fall of Life!

Reds, Oranges, Browns, Golds,

Touches of Green still holding on to

the hope of basting in the Sun once again

attached to that which will give me a Home.

Reach for me!

Capture this singular Soul adrift before You.

Reach, else I’ll pass You by, drifting , tossed by

the whims of this singular journey on the River of Life,

alone to a destiny unknown!

Passing by?



Toss Yourself upon this rushing River and continue with Me

on this journey to an unknown destination

while the River of Time rushes ever onward,

so We may both Rest in the Calm of the others Heart.

© Jack Brady, All Rights Reserved, 2017


I Stand,
I Kneel,
I Pray.

Is NO one listening?

I taste just a drop on my tongue,
what is prayed for,
Yet It leaves my presence,
as Quickly as It appeared!

Is NO one listening?

Passing the scent of Love,
Found within the depths of My Woods,
The splash of the Sea on My face,
The twist of the corner of a Cloud before Me.

Is NO one listening?

I Seek,
Yet I stand alone!

No One is Listening.

No longer to kneel,
No longer to Pray

I live.

©  Jack Brady, 2018, All Rights Reserved.




What you now see

 was not always Me.


I stand Alone,

Casting My Soul’s Light

to the One at Sea

that is blind to Me.

I Feel Her Presence,

Seeking Me.


Anchored to the Rock I now stand upon,

I wait for Her to See My Soul,

Cloaked as Light,

to guide Her to Me.

Once like Her,

My Soul seduced by the Treasures of Mortals.

An Anchor which chains One in a False Harbor

encroaching upon the Sea Our Souls are meant to Sail.


Seven Decades spent in Storms Pulling Against the Rode which kept Me anchored from seeking


One Night,
during a Raging Storm Scaring My Soul,

recklessly I unfurled My sails
casting My Fate to the depths of The Sea

hoping to break the Mortals Anchor from Me!


Anchored through the Ages,

the Storm Ripped My Sails,

battered My Hull,

fighting the rode

that isolated Me

from Thee.

The Storm,

dispensing Its Pain

could not keep Me

from gaining My Freedom

to Seek Thee.

The Price of Freedom,

Paid in many ways with the Essence

 of this Mortal’s Soul.

Finally, Freed!

 I roamed Our Sea seeking just One

That can Hold on to Me.

Has My Helm Sailed before Her,

yet she was blinded of Me

as My Sails were shredded

And My Bow shaken

from the price paid to gain


Lost the Faith

That You knew of Me,

I crashed my Ship

Out of the Sea

Upon the Rocks of


Now I cast my Souls

Glow to the Empty Sea

Hoping just once

She will look to Me

and Seek the Harbor that

awaits Within, freeing Me

From the rock that is now a part of me.

I Shine.


© Jack Brady, DTR INC, All rights Reserved

this 26thday of November 2018




© Jack Brady, DTR INC, All rights Reserved

this 26thday of November, 2018



One’s Journey

Oldest of 5.

3 taken by their own hand.

Only Beginning and End remain.

X-Rays bare the Truth.


Creator of a World,

Mine in Mind.


Traveled Your World.

Seen Terror,

Sat with Evil,

Shared with the abandoned,

Yet they had found their own,

And I have not.


Experience Love,

In the Glance of a Stranger

Passing on the street in





© Jack Brady, DTR INC, All rights Reserved

this 6th day of September, 2019